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How Often Should I Get My Chimney Swept?

Chimney sweeps are a vital part of having a stove or open fire in your home and you should remember this when planning to get a stove. You will need to get your chimney swept once or twice a year, each year.

They are normally less busy in summer months so you may find they can fit in with your schedule better.
We recommend a NACS qualified sweep as this is a trade body which we come under here at The chimney sweep.

If you have a liner along with your stove a yearly sweep certificate can help with any possible warentee claims should they arise. Extended winters or late spring cold weather can mean an earlier sweep is necessary.It is just good practice to have stove serviced and chimney swept to keep optimum efficiency 😁

How Often Should My Chimney Be Swept?

Ideally swept at least once a year. Some manufacturers of liners & stoves suggest to get it swept twice a year.

Why wait until the Spring/Summer?

Flues can gather moisture during shut down and depending what you burn can be slightly detrimental to liners. This is more so with coal burning.
However if you have a flexible stainless steel liner installed then soot can eat into the liner if left in for too long as soot is acidic.

Ideally swept at least once a year. Some manufacturers of liners & stoves suggest to get it swept twice a year.

When Should My Chimney Be Swept?

It is best to be done over the spring/summer season so that soot & residue is not sat in your flue over the ‘non use’ time.

What Can I do?

Ideally leave all vents on your stove open over the summer & any other months if you can, to allow air flow helping the flue to stay drier.

You can have your chimney serviced regularly by us here at The Chimney Sweep to keep it safe and working well.

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